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Mission's Church

The Fire

In 2017, our beloved and historic parish burnt to the ground. Local news media told our devastating story. Since this time we are in the midst of resurrecting a new parish. Out of the ashes comes triumph!

Model of the Old Church

A parishioner, John Eklund, just dropped off a model of the old church" that burned down three years ago. He spent many hours constructing this model which will be placed in the New Church once construction is complete. John kept his work quiet because he was unsure how well it would turn out. Well everyone who has laid eyes on it is awestruck with the accurate modeling of this church to the original church. Way to go John!

church Model.jpg
Rose Window.jpg

The Construction of the New Church

Construction of the New Church is underway. Progress on the building has been swift. Please pray for the safe completion of our new church. 

outside of church.jpg
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